Neue Nordische Novellen VII

In January 2021 ZEITSTÜCKE was published: A cooperation of Nordic authors, Greifswald translators & illustrators. You can either order the paperback directly from Labonde Verlag or, for 16€, from any bookseller of your choice. 


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Zeitstücke: Neue Nordische Novellen VII. Heiner Labonde Verlag, 2020. ISBN 978-3-937507-97-2

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

... are cards of 2 12 by 3 12 inches/ 64 mm × 89 mm.Their purpose is to share art and to encourage creative exchange between artists.


If you are interested to swap art with me, don't hasitate to contact me on the German-speaking or on the English-language exchange website

Bikes for Girls

The money for every illustrated bike postcard will be donated to "Girl Up", an organization who, amongst other things, offers children a better education through the purchase of bicycles.


"In Guatemala, many girls drop out of school simply because they fear the journey. Traveling by foot, girls often have to trek long distances to get to school, putting them at risk of violence. With a bike, a girl can travel to school safely so she can get the education she needs."